Synod Building in the Movies

From: (prefers not to be named)
Date: October 6, 2008 11:55:13 AM EDT
Subject: Synod Building in the Movies

In theaters out now, is a humorous movie, "Ghost Town," set in New York City. At one point in the movie, the main character signs out of a hospital and leaves the building. Suddenly, he's walking out of the main gate of the Synod building courtyard, with the icon above the entrance covered up, and a sign with the hospital name hanging on the wall. This entrance is the smoking area for the hospital in the movie, so there are a number of actors smoking at the gate.

Sadly, the use of the Synod building is not restricted to the one tawdry TV show, "Gossip Girl," a series that follows the exploits of over-sexed, rich girls in Manhattan. The church administration has apparently registered with the New York City Film Commission to have the site included in a list of possible movie set locations. So for the sake of a little money here and there, the site that is the historical heart of the Church Abroad can double as a movie set. The building that housed our founding heirarchs, that witnessed the historic canonizations of the New Martyrs and Blessed St. Xenia, that saw so many memorable meetings, services, is now a backdrop for secular Hollywood. This is similar to the purported plan to sell off the church and property in Mahopac. Again, a location central to the history of the Church can be sold off like unneeded excess baggage, instead of finding new purposes for these sites.

Why this scramble for cash? Wasn't the merger with the Moscow Patriarchate supposed to result in an infusion of money? After all, they have such respect for the history of the Church Abroad, or do they? Maybe the MP has other plans, and they don't include keeping the Church Abroad alive. We do know the MP's business plans are on a much higher level, focused on pilgrimage sites of global importance, such as the Holy Land, Bari, Italy, and elsewhere. Perhaps, the concerns of Russians abroad who do not belong to the clique in Moscow mean little to the MP.

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Joanna Higginbotham said...

I notice here is a connection between the ill-use of the Synod building and the selling of Mahopac. In both cases ROCOR-MP is doing some odd things. But is money the motivating factor, or the excuse?

Let's look at what these odd things are:

√ Defiling the ROCOR-MP Synod building
√ Eliminating historical ROCOR-MP property

I believe what we are witnessing here is the annihilation of ROCOR-MP. It is being accomplished from within, just as the union itself was accomplished from within.

Lack of money was used by the unionites as a reason to accept the union. They said that ROCOR only had so many thousand dues-paying members, not enough to support a jurisdiction, and the number was on the decline. So we had to join the MP to have any hope of saving ROCOR in any form. Sounds a little "sergianistic", does it not? Don't we know this smell?


Joanna Higginbotham said...

Same source who prefers not to be named sent me this:

I agree with you, the goal is to erase ROCA completely. Met. Kyrill said the transformation would take 5 yrs. and the naive sheep pay no heed.

While we (ROCOR-PSCA) are small and disorganized, we will be left alone. The persecution will be equal to our circumstances. The only consolation is that our Lord will not desert His church.

Anonymous said...

Very clever, both of you, to hit the nail on the head. I myself haven't quite realized it was THIS extreme of a demolition of Rocor that is what is on the table.
For it's an obliteration, not a transition that "met." Kirill warned of, oh so delicately!

I guess, then, that it's been the plan all along: first flatter and bribe and cajole, reel in all the little fish of Rocor like Fr. Lebedeff, laboring under the delusion that they are big fish. Then set a time bomb ticking --- oh but first grab St John's Relics, take to Russian lands, as the final revenge on Rocor for producing such a popular incorrupt Saint....i'm sure the honchos over there in Chisty Pereoluk etc. never ceased to smolder with envy and fury that Rocor produced such a prodigy unheard of in the last century especially not in the Soviet era.

Great blog!