ROCOR-MP Priests Will Be Replaced

On 9/22/08 Fr. Alexander Lebedev posted to the ROCOR-MP Yahoo Group that Fr. Igor (St. Andrew's parish) joined the Agafangelites. Discussion followed, and Fr. Igor's possible motives were mentioned. Fr. John Shaw suggested that Fr. Igor might have been afraid he was going to be "ousted." (by whom -the implication is not clear whether by his bishops or by his parishioners)

Next, Vladimir Koltypin asked more in general about the fear of clergy being "ousted". (by whom - the implication is clearly by the MP). Then Fr. John Whiteford responded to Vladimir's question.

Vladimir's question and Fr. John Whiteford's answer are excerpted below:

Re: Fr. Igor Chitikov takes St. Andrew's Parish into Agathangelite schism.

Dear In Christ Father John (Shaw),

Please explain to me how a spiritual father, knowing full well that he may be ousted can provided spiritual guidance for his flock. The question arises why have him be a priest in the first place? Then the question arises why are the parish rectors being replaced or have this fear of being replaced? Isn't this the United States, land of Opportunity, Security, and Spiritual Freedom? Why all of a sudden does it feel like Soviet Russia?

With all due respect

Vladimir Koltypin


In the Orthodox Church, since the time of the Apostles, any priest can be "ousted" by his bishop. If a bishop decides a priest would better serve the Church in another parish, or that he would best serve the Church by no longer serving as a rector... he has the right to do so, because he is the pastor of the diocese. In ROCOR, there have been many cases in which our bishops might have exercised that power for a lot less, and yet have not. Our bishops have been longsuffering to a fault. Please cite the examples of priests who have been "ousted" for no good reason? Has a black limo pulled up to your house to take you away? It doesn't seem like the Soviet Union to me.

Fr. John Whiteford


I post this because it is a concise and succinct example of how ROCOR-MP addresses sincere reservations about the union. "Vladimir, has a black limo pulled up to your house...?" Vladimir's question does not get answered. Instead he is made to feel ignorant and irrational. He gets a condescending little lesson in Church protocol. His uneasiness is dismissed as imaginary since he has no concrete examples.

Vladimir asks, "Then the question arises why are the parish rectors being replaced or have this fear of being replaced?"

I'll tell you why, Vladimir. It is because they ARE going to be replaced. Somehow they have caught wind of it. Just after the union I was discussing it with a Russian who has kept up with what's been going on since 2001. I told him that I thought many of the ROCOR priests would go along with the union because otherwise they would lose their parishes.

He responded, "They are going to lose their parishes, anyway! Don't they know they are all going to be replaced with MP priests? Even the ones that support the union will be replaced. That's the agenda."

The replacing of all ROCOR-MP clergy with MP clergy points to the hidden long-term goal of MP to make ROCOR nonexistent.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could provide a list of ROCOR clergy who have been replaced by their bishops without any legitimate cause.

Joanna Higginbotham said...

I refer you to Konstantine Preobrahensky, an X-KGB agent (and an Orthodox Christian) who is exposing the plans and tactics of the here

Joanna Higginbotham said...

Another thing I was reminded of is that the KGB are masters at cover-up. If they might not be able to get away with replacing priests openly, they will have to wait for opportunities to do it without being noticed.

If we keep our eye out, they will have less opportunity.

We should be suspicious of ANY AND ALL replacements at this point.

One obviously suspicious replacement is click here.

Guest 01 said...

One of the things that we studied in our seminars on Marxism was how the Marxists will give adverse publicity to people who won't go along with their program. In meetings they will try to embarrass or humiliate someone of differing views, etc., and sometimes they will have the person removed from the meeting This is because people want to belong to a group, and if they are ostracized, that "punishment" will get to them and eventually they will want to go along with the views of the group.

We saw how this practice is used in meetings and in the media. So when I read about how the MP and MP supporters were saying that ROCA was not part of the accepted world Orthodoxy, and that ROCA would eventually die out because no one supported them, it reminded me of exactly the technique of ostracizing those who were of a differing view.