Putin The Pagan

On September 8, 2000 - 9:00 p.m. CNN aired a program in which the president of Russia, in India, once again demonstrated that he is ***NOT*** an Orthodox Christian...

On October 3, being in India, RF-president Putin and his wife took part in a pagan rite -- the placing of a wreath on the spot where the spiritual father of the Hindu nation, Mahatma Gandhi, was cremated. As the newspaper "Komsomol'skaya pravda" ["The Truth Of the Young-Communist League"] noted, "Before placing the wreath, the Putins, as custom demands, took off their shoes and put on white slippers. The entire Russian delegation followed their example." (!!) The president of Russia declared in an interview conducted by CNN Broadcasting that he believes not in God, but in Man, yet he conscientiously imitates "the Orthodox Faith" in the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate, and also actively participates in masonic and pagan mysteries (for example, he was initiated into "knighthood" by the Grand Master of a certain [masonic] Order in Germany; and, while, in North Korea, he ritually worshipped the deified leader Kim il Sen). In India, Putin once again confirmed the fact of his total lack of any religious sensibility, since rituals of this sort -- participation in which he could easily have declined -- are incompatible with Orthodoxy, as was convincingly proved by Aleksandr Nevskii and Mikhail of Chernigov, [two] previous rulers of Russia.

source: http://monasterypress.com/putpag.html


Anonymous said...

If you guys have to fake stories in order to justify schism, does it not make sense to say that maybe you just don't have any concrete reasons for your schism?

Joanna Higginbotham said...

Dear Andrew,

If this story proves to be a fake, then I will remove it. Back in 2000 this news item was flattering to Putin. Now, not so. It would not surprise me at all if he now decides to say it is a fake. Anyway, this news item is hardly needed to show that Putin The Pretender is a KGB agent using the Church.

If I say that 2+2=5 one thousand times, does that make it true? If you put the word "schismatic" in front of the word "Agafangelites" one thousand times, does that make it true?

When the Romans changed course they went into schism, but continue to this day to say the Orthodox Church, which they left, went into schism.

When the ROCOR-Laurus changed course they went into schism, but continue to this day to say the ROCOR-Agafangel, which they left, went into schism.

ROCOR-Agafangel today is recognized as the valid continuation of the old ROCOR by the Old Calendar Bulgarians, the Old Calendar Romanians, the Synod in Resistance - all of whom were friends with the old ROCOR before the union. (ROCOR-Agafangel is also recognized as the valid continuation of the old ROCOR by the EP, for what that is worth.)

Andrew, I invite you to study us further, if you have a love for truth, then it will prick your heart and you will come to see that ROCOR-Agafangel is not a schism. You will see that it is actually ROCOR-Laurus that went into schism AND joined World Orthodoxy. Old ROCOR's stand had always been outside of World Orthodoxy. Look and see which ROCOR it is that actually "went" anywhere. ROCOR-Agafangel is still here where it has always been, same old friends and same old stand.

Love, Joanna