Consoling Words From Abbess Juliana

Abbess Juliana consoles those who are confused and hurt:

I am asked by several friends, who are totally confused and troubled by the situation. This is my answer. Hope many can read it. Please to forward it. As for the behaviour of b. Mihail- Father Benjamin says one word: "NEDOPUSTIMO". ("incompatible"-jh)

In humble reply to those who are troubled and confused regarding the hurricane of evil now threatening the Holy Russian Orthodox Church in Exile, let us realize it is this very reaction which the enemy tries so savagely to create in us, aware that it is confusion and ignorance which distorts the our understanding of what is happening.

I say "enemy" rather than "enemies" because all these apostates, whatever their rank, title or name, are acting in the service of the " father of lies", satan, who is temporarily unrestrained and permitted violence in his attack on the Truth and all who refuse to speak or accept lies.

Why does Almighty God permit this? It is not the first time the Holy Orthodox Church has been on the thin edge of catastrophe...there was a time when only ONE faithful hierarch stood bravely at the gates until the storm blew over. Because our Creator has given us the heavenly gift of free will, He allows each of us to make our own decision, the one which will determine our eternity. This is one of those testing times, perhaps the final, and we cannot expect Him to interfere. Already the goats are separating themselves from the sheep!

The shocking behaviour, the shameless lying, the hatred and violence of persons once consectrated to the Lord Jesus Christ Christ.....all this is incredible until we realize that these people have become spiritually insane; they are being moved about like mindless puppets to complete the plan of their master to whom they have surrendered their immortal souls. Understanding this, it becomes obvious that nothing we can say to them or about them can make the slightest difference. The most important thing for US to concentrate on, is the urgent need for us to make our own final decision for Jesus Christ, the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE, and in order to keep and strengthen our resolution we might give thought to these suggestions:

First, as long as we still have the opportunity, let us fervently prepare for and receive Holy Confession and the Precious Body of our Saviour as frequently as possible! In doing this we must take care that we harbour no hatred or contempt for ANYONE, remembering how our suffering Redeemer prayed, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!" Also we must try to withdraw our attention from the increasingly bizarre words and actions of the deluded and hostile, praying for them but avoiding all contact with them ! This is essential because their spiritual madness is extremely contagious and eternally fatal.

Other suggestions for coping with depression include re-reading the prophesies in Holy Scripture and the Holy Fathers, showing how all these matters are well understood by the Holy Church and remain under the control of our wise and loving Father in Heaven. Also we must pray for (and earnestly seek!) spiritual guidance from faithful bishops and clergy, who will be fewer in numbers but whose stability is shown by their own purely Orthodox words AND behaviour. We must prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually for the eventual loss accesss to our Temples which will have been dangerously contaminated by apostasy. It is urgent to withdraw from wordly, unnecessary contacts and activities in order to approach more closely to the Heavenly Church, so intimately united with us in humble and trustful prayer.

As matters continue to worsen, we will understand that we are in the midst of a war in which few of us can take an active part but whose outcome is already known in which TRUTH is victorious and all past evil will be forgotten in the joy of Christ's Eternal Kingdom! The very outbreak of this war should give us hope and even the beginning joy for it brings closer the triumphant return of our Lord Jesus Christ when all will be judged by their deeds. Oh, may we then be found innocent and faithful and "He will wipe away all tears!" AMEN.

Rev. 7:12

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Joanna Higginbotham said...

And here is one example of those "confused and hurt":

Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 13:49:47 -0000
Subject: [paradosis] Cold-Hearted Ecumenistic ROCOR

Cold-Hearted Ecumenistic ROCOR

Why do many of us in The ROCOR feel a need to gather around a 91 year old Metropolitan while rejecting the wide path of the majority? In simple, easy to understand language, what are the symptoms that are driving this division?

I can only speak for myself when I say that my love for my enemies has been tested. For now it is best for me to say that although I feel I honestly love people like Fr. Alexander Lebedev and Bishop
Kyrill whom I know, and Fr. John Shaw, whom I only met once in 1986, and Fr. John Whiteford of whom I only spoke with on the phone, it is also true that I despise their confession of faith. This hatred is
only justified if it is consistent with the teachings of True Christianity-Holy Orthodoxy.

Please allow me to explain. Yesterday 11/16/01, Fr. John Shaw wrote:

JRS: "At our cathedral in Chicago, at least during the 15 years I was there, we never once had any preaching or agitation against our own hierarchy, or against any other for that matter. Thus, for example, when I was still "new" there, and I had to announce that next Sunday there would be no service in the cathedral so that everyone would go out to Lost Lake for St. Vladimir's day--I was foolish enough to add, "But don't simply goto another church in Chicago!" This brought numerous complaints, which were solemnly conveyed by the Starosta. People in Chicago went freely to the OCA, and for that matter, all Orthodox Christians were admitted to Holy Communion in our cathedral."

I take this "all Orthodox Christians" to include, not only the OCA, but also the GOA, etc. etc. I also perceive this as an act of love, emanating from the brotherhood of man, i.e. the Masons. I remember at one of the WCC ecumenical gatherings when there were three chalices and the GOA Archbishop's line ran out of communicants, he waved to the people in the other lines to come forward; you know the Protestants, the Roman Catholics, the New Agers, the Witch doctors, the Shamans, etc. etc. In 1965, when the Pope and the Ecumenical Partriarch mutually "lifted the anathemas", that separated Roman Catholicism and Orthodoxy for 1011 years, this was not in the name of Jesus Christ, Who's prophetic message was; "But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven. Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to set man against his father and daughter against her mother." (Matt: 10:33)

We Orthodox Christians are taught and we believe that the earth to which Christ came is under the authority of Satan. (Orthodox Study Bible) True love simply demands that we always deny the mysteries to the Heterodox and pagans. The authors of the ecumenical movement, the Masons teach otherwise. In summary, until a time of denouncing the ecumenical movement and repentance, true confessing Orthodox Christians cannot under any circumstance, be in communion with those under the Ecumenical Patriarch. (Note: This is not a tacit condemnation of the unknowing.)

What is the circumstance surrounding the question of communion? Fr. Alexander Lebedev proudly trumpets his position the The ROCOR has never broken communion with the Serbs, when he repeatedly states that, just because The ROCOR is in communion with the Serbs, and the Serbs are in communion with the Moscow Patriarchate and the OCA and the GOA, etc, etc, it doesn't mean The ROCOR is in communion with these ecumenical jurisdictions. In his words, Fr. Alexander says, just because A=B and B=C doesn't mean C=A.

The canons say differently. Common sense says differently. The love of the truth of Jesus Christ says differently. This kind of delusionary thinking is at the heart of why I risk any further chance at friendship by admitting I love but don't like those that confess incorrectly.

This latest problem in The ROCOR is the most serious to date. I can't help but remember the martyrdom of our patron, St. Peter the Aleut. Is your rejection of Roman Catholicism worth the price of having your fingers and toes severed. Is it worth bleeding to death, for the love of Orthodoxy. Yesterday I viewed a two hour video tape of Bishop Kyrill trying to convince the parishioners at Prophet Elias Orthodox Mission in Placerville California, that The ROCOR was in the right and that those that follow dementia-delusioned Vitaly are fanatics. For two hours Bishop Kyrill repeatedly made jokes and used selective information in his mildly successful attempt to sway the trusting audience. If Bishop Kyrill really believed that those who follow Metropolitan Vitaly are in schism, what is so funny about our souls being in the grave danger of being severed!

On the other hand, Bishop Kyrill said that Metropolitan Vitaly was detained against his wishes and that Ludmila was not. This is the opposite of what Fr. John Whiteford adamantly insisted, while he was laughingly coming up with acronyms for the "new schismatic jurisdiction".

Not once, has one single clergyman of those who remain in The ROCOR, ever openly [and courageously] risked admitting, that having Metropolitan Vitaly arrested and forced to be committed to an active ward of an insane asylum for assessment, was a cold hearted, anti-Christian solution, that with absolute surety did not include our Almighty God in the equation.

Clergymen of The ROCOR, your subtle drifting into ecumenism, has hardened your hearts. May our all-merciful Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ spare you a reward that is commensurate to your dastardly deed.

Your lowly brother in Jesus Christ, John Chaplain

May our One true God forgive me for having to force myself to try and love people such as Osama bin Laden who can only kill the body.


Joanna Higginbotham said...

Another example of one saddened:

Dear Whomever will listen:

I am saddened that the Church I came into is rapidly disintegrating into the hands of those who would claim things that never were claimed by our Holy Church Abroad. When I came into the Church Abroad there was a clear line between us and the MPs. At every turn there were confessors of the TRUTH and that truth was held by every one I met in our Church.

Some newcomers came on the scene somewhere in the neighborhood of 1995 or thereabouts--AND from that point on I began to hear different ideas about the Church Abroad and the MPs. Some will ask "who were the newcomers?"--and I would say to you that you know "doggone well who they were and ARE". The pundits of the more liberal stance were in a clear minority. And then we began to admit clergy from the Antiochian Archdiocese (I by the way came from there by Confession of the TRUE FAITH from there ecumenistic heretical foolishness) and the OCA. These folks tended to flock to the more liberal thinkers in our Church Abroad and eventually their modernist, renovationistic ideas began to push out the nearly 80 years of consistant conservative thinking about our Holy Church Abroad and the godless MPs. Today there are even Bishops who seem to be in a mindset that rejects 80 years of struggle on the part of the TRUE STRUGGLERS for the Holy Orthodox Faith that had been so guarded by Metropolitan Anthony of Blessed memory, Metropolitan Anastassy of Blessed memory, Metropolitan Philaret of Blessed memeory, Archbishp Averky of Blessed memory and St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco. Contrary to what some might say, there are people being SILENCED under the guise of speaking extremism and fanaticism--the very same ideas that caused the modernist, renovationist, ecumenist jurisdictions to brand the Church Abroad as fanatic and extremist. The apologists for the LEFT--and you know dad-blasted well who you are--are now making a mockery of those 80,000,000+ martyrs who died for the same causes that you liberal-minded, disloyals are calling fanatic extremism today! The blood of these Holy New Martyrs has already been spilled over the heads of the pro-MP disloyals.

Some of these "new idea peddlers" are hiding behind "misunderstandings" and "mind-changings" and are making truthful people out to be liars--and, of course they are winning their modernist battle--a whole new group of LIVING MARTYRS is being raised up by their hatred of the poor souls who have spent their clerical ministries defending the FULL, COMPLETE, ONE,HOLY, CATHOLIC, APOSTOLIC, ORTHODOX FAITH as witnessed by the TRUE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH ABROAD.

Those who have spent their time, energy and money studying, memorizing and buying the sacred writings of Metropolitans Anthony, Anastassy, and Philaret, and Archbishops Averky and Anthony, and Bishops Nektary and Gregory, and St. John of Shanghai and san Francisco--and who have transmitted that Holy Faith that they so dearly loved and cherished and were willing to die for--are now being summarily dismissed as fanatic extremists who have no right to defend the TRUTH nor to express their concerns without being placed under some scornful diatribe by those who hold the torch to the kindling that is going to burn the new martyrs of this age.

I am sickened by the betrayals of the TRUTH who desperately desire to have their ministries "justified" by the godless MPs because the World recognizes them and not YOU until you grant the kiss--that betraying kiss!

I have seen my dear brethren crucified by the lances of injustice and silenced by the nails of authority..

I have never seen myself as a fanatic extremist--but if that's what I must be called by the acceptors of compromise with heretics and apostates THEN SO BE IT!

And by the way my last name is not Stevens--it's Stephens. When you decide to pour your gall over my head at least spell my name correctly!

Priest Seraphim

undated, probably circa 2001