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"Protopriest Alexander Lebedev in his letter on the Internet-conference Synod dated December 28, 1998, directly said that Vladyka Philaret had become a 'turning point' in the history of the ROCA, directing the Church in the direction of walling itself off from 'Official Orthodoxy' insofar as throughout almost the whole of his life before his ordination as a Bishop had lived in China, had not studied in a Russian seminary, had never met Metropolitan Anthony and had very little contact with Metropolitan Anastasy, had not mixed in the circle of pre-revolutionary Russian hierarchs, had not personally met any of the leaders of the local churches, etc. – which is why he fell away from the common tradition, living in 'complete isolation' from the 'civilized' ecclesiastical world."
(quoted from: Vertograd-Inform #15, footnote iv, see previous post, "Blessed Philaret Cover-Up")

Fr. Alexander Lebedev said this, hinting there is something wrong in this about the saint, a month AFTER Blessed Philaret's relics were found incorrupt.

Apparently Fr. Alexander Lebedev is rather intent on discrediting or explaining away Blessed Philaret. I heard, for example, that:

Several months ago Fr. Alexander Lebedev dug up some old documents in which Blessed Philaret refers to whoever was the MP Patriarch then as "Patriarch". And because he used that title, Fr. Alexander Lebedev is saying that proves Blessed Philaret believed both the Patriarch of Russia and the MP are valid.

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