OCA Concelebrates With ROCOR-MP

Just in case anyone still is in doubt or in denial about the fact that ROCOR-MP is in fact in communion with the OCA, you can read about the 2008 Orthodox Conference in Erie (June 17-22):

"... Every day various clergy concelebrated ... Clergy from (ROCOR-MP), the Moscow Patriarchate and the Orthodox Church in America concelebrated - something that would have been unthinkable at the conference in 1986. Particularly notable was June 18, when none other than the dean of the prestigious St Vladimir's Seminary and the dean of the historic Minneapolis parish of the O.C.A. joined in concelebrating the Liturgy ..."

The above link can also be accessed through http://fatherjohn.blogspot.com/2008/07/2008-orthodox-conference-erie.html, in the first paragraph of part 3.



Anonymous said...

As one who left the OCA a year ago, coming into the ROCOR as the "ROCOR Refugees" were leaving, this is both good news (Are some OCA "traditionalists" getting to leave the OCA?) and potentially bad news (No leaving, but leavening the ROCOR with their renovationism.). May God save and protect the ROCOR from the influence of the SVOTS crew. P

A Sombra said...

Why this news would surprise anyone is totally beyond me...wasn't that one of the reasons they wanted to "reunite" with the MP-to "regularize" their contacts with the Sister Orthodox Churches? Wasn't this one of the reasons most of the clergy were FOR the "reunion" with the MP? These Orthodox "Rodney Dangerfields" who never overlooked achance to complain that they got "no respect" from the "other" Orthodox jurisdictions, and (boo-hoo) couldn't join the various Orthodox Clergy groups in cities of the US? I would say most of them couldn't wait to concelebrate with the OCA!

Joanna Higginbotham said...

From: Archbishop ANTHONY
of Geneva and Western Europe
Our Church in the Modern World (Report for the III Pan-Diaspora Council of 1974)

In 1971 the ROCA Council of Bishops resolved in relation to the OCA:-

"The Council of Bishops, having listened to the report of the Synod of Bishops concerning the so-called Metropolia's having received autocephaly from the Patriarchate of Moscow, approves all the steps taken in due course by the Synod of Bishops to convince Metropolitan Irinei and his colleagues of the perniciousness of a step which deepens the division which was the result of the decision of the Cleveland Council of 1946 which broke away from the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

"The American Metropolia has received its autocephaly from the Patriarchate of Moscow,which has not possessed genuine canonical succession from His Holiness Patriarch Tikhon from the time when Metropolitan Sergii, who later called himself Patriarch, violated his oath with regard to Metropolitan Petr, the locum tenens of the patriarchal throne, and set out upon a path which was then condemned by the senior hierarchs of the Church of Russia. Submitting all themore to the commands of the atheistic, anti-Christian regime, the Patriarchate of Moscow has ceased to be that which expresses the voice of the Russian Orthodox Church. For this reason, as the Synod of Bishops has correctly declared, none of its acts, including the bestowal of autocephaly upon the American Metropolia, has legal force. Furthermore, apart from this, this act,which affects the rights of many Churches, has elicited definite protests on the part of a number of Orthodox Churches, who have even severed communion with the American Metropolia.

"Viewing this illicit act with sorrow, and acknowledging it to be null and void, the Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, which has hitherto not abandoned hope for the restoration of ecclesiastical unity in America, sees in the declaration of American autocephaly a step which will lead the American Metropolia yet farther away from the ecclesiastical unity of the Church of Russia. Perceiving therein a great sin against the enslaved and suffering Church of Russia, the Council of Bishops DECIDES: henceforth, neither the clergy nor the laity [of the Russian Church Abroad] are to have communion in prayer or the divine services with the hierarchy or clergy of the American Metropolia."

- Taken from Euphrosynos Cafe World Orthodoxy Forum discussion:

Joanna Higginbotham said...

Joanna Higginbotham said...
Certainly ROCOR hoped that by joining SCOBA they could help encourage and influence SCOBA to give up its modernism and become more traditional.

If we were living in times that were evolving to a greater awareness - a higher plane of existence - then, probably the idea of ROCOR helping SCOBA by joining SCOBA would work.

But we are not living in times that are evolving to anything greater. We are living in times that are devolving into such a falling away that the earth will be able to receive and sustain Antichrist.

Dear Reader, if you can bear and cooperate with an analogy: We do not help a drunk by going to the bar with him. (?Maybe even having a drink with him to show him that we are not "judging" him...)

Dear Reader, if you can bear an old adage: "You can't fight fire with fire." Neither can you fight compromise with compromise...

For almost a year after the signing (5/17/01) I went along with the union and watched things while staying a member of my ROCOR-MP parish. Within weeks after the union my parish showed signs of being influenced by SCOBA, rather than the other way around as we had hoped. (for an example, see the next post)

Also I noticed in the Orthodox Life Magazine that suddenly Jordanville is offering a book by Fredrica Mathews-Green (Vol. 58, No. 5, Sept-Oct 2007, page 29). Fredrica Mathews-Green even has modernism/feminism incorporated into her name