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Fr Sergei Rybko Plays the Drums at a Rock Festival in Perm
Published July 1, 2008 Christian , Interfax , Orthodox life , Russian , Voice of Russia , contemporary , inspirational , music , performing arts , religious , rock
Fr Sergei Rybko, rector of St Sergius parish in Bibirevo, “the Apostle to the Counterculture”
Perm, 30 June 2008 (Interfax):

Hegumen Sergei Rybko, rector of St Sergius parish in Bibirevo, who preaches amongst rockers, hippies, bikers, and counterculture youth, played the drums at the opening of a rock festival at the abandoned Bakharevka airdrome in Perm. Accompanying him, his colleague, Fr Nikolai, played the guitar at the opening ceremony. The priests played several rock numbers, the website of the newspaper Permsky Obozrevatel (The Perm Review) reported. Earlier, Patriarch Aleksei decorated Fr Sergei with a church order for his successful missionary work. Fr Sergei related that he turned to God thanks to such legendary rock-groups as the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. He has composed a rock-opera. “There’s a way to God and to salvation through rock music, and this road is very wide. Many of our Russian rock musicians are Orthodox people. They are turning to God more and more in their music”, Fr Sergei said.

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