Dcn. Matthew Appointed MP-Haiti Administrator

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Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 08:23:01 -0500
Subject: [haitianorthodoxmission] Not so surprising development

Christ is risen! In an apparent move to sow as much confusion as possible, the Synod of Bishops of ROCA/MP has appointed my son, Dcn. Matthew Williams, as Administrator of what is now styled as the "Haitian Mission" of "The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad", under the supervision of Bishop Michael.

Some relevant facts: Fr. Matthew neither speaks nor reads/writes either French or Créole. Neither of the MP priests in Haiti speaks English usefully, nor is able to write competently (though both can read, more or less). It is a little difficult to imagine what kind of "administering" can take place under such circumstances. As an indicator, one might note that no change whatever has been made to the old, hijacked, Mission website since Dec 07, apart from the deletion of most of its material, the indication that Met. Laurus has reposed, that Abp. Hilarion is now Deputy First Hierarch, and that Fr. Matthew is now Administrator.


The above was sent by Fr. Gregory to the Haitian Mission Yahoo Group. The address for the hijacked site is:

> http://www.orthodoxhaiti.org

It is so obvious Matthew is being used by the MP. But, worse, MP causes him to DISHONOR Thy Father and Mother. The very fact that he has to break a Commandment to fill this position should alert him that something is wrong here.

False shepherds lead sheep off a cliff! If MP were concerned with saving souls, Matthew would be the LAST person they would put in that position. Instead, he is their FIRST choice even tho' he is not qualified.

Again, Fr. Gregory has my deepest sympathy. -Joanna

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