Letter To A Godson

The "Godson" is a monk in ROCOR-MP (by default). He was baptized in 2000 in Tennessee. A few short months later he was made a novice at Holy Cross in West Virginia. I'm not his official godmother, but if he has one at all, I am she.

Dear Father,

This letter is going to cause you discomfort one way or the other. But if you are one who did not just slide into the union with no difficulty, this letter may also offer you a certain relief. This letter took months to compile, yet it is only the tip of the iceberg. I'm going to ask you to please read it through at least once and ponder it at least alittle, before deciding if you will show it. I fear once you show it, it will be confiscated and you won't get it back.

Out in the world, KGB infiltration of ROCOR is no secret anymore. Very soon there will be available in English a secular book written by an x-KGB agent which has an entire chapter devoted to ROCOR (included in this packet). An earlier x-agent wrote that there would be a "fake downfall of communism to put the west to sleep, but the communists would still have control." Gorbachev also said that "the fall of communism was only for western consumption", i.e. it was not real, and that he "would never be anything but a communist." Another x-agent writes about the "phoney collapse of the Soviet Union." But, let's back up alittle...

"Lenin realized immediately after the revolution that he could not compete with the Church in ideology or credibility among the people. The only solution he saw was the destruction of the Church. He first applied this tactic to the Church leaders, then to the congregation. But the Faith remained, only it was hidden. This was bad news for the party. They realized they hadn't destroyed religion, they had only driven it underground. And for Soviet officials - whose greatest fear was always their own people - this secretive, private expression of religion was more dangerous.

"The Soviet regime, under Stalin, solved this problem through a typical KGB technique: Penetrate your target and control it. This way, the organization becomes just a mirage. The process was started no later than the mid-'50's. By the late '80's, the Church was fully penetrated." (ROCOR was part of the program, and penetration of ROCOR began at nearly the same time. ROCOR was aware of MP penetration, but not aware it was being penetrated also.)

(Today, some can sense it, there is a "spell-like thing" around us that prevents us from grasping the full horror of this. Kind of like when the heterodox talk about demons, but don't really believe in them; if they did, they would behave differently.)

"The Moscow Patriarch (has always been) gravely concerned over the existence of the Russian Church Abroad. Serge Schmemann, Moscow correspondent of THE NEW YORK TIMES, on the eve of the visit of Patirarch Alexis I to the United States, correctly noted:
'The small Church Abroad is...a constant reminder of the past about which the Moscow Patriarch and the Patriarch himself would rather forget'. (Nov. 9, 1991)'."

(most of the above is quoted, below is from me:)

THE FORCE THAT BROUGHT US COMMUNISM ALSO BROUGHT US THE UNION AND FOR THE SAME REASON. Hear this. I'm taking about the Mystery of Iniquity. This is explained in a book published in the 80's called BITTER FRUITS OF A SWEET CAPTIVITY, which is now considered contraband. The only way I can think of to summarize it, is that this is the Mystery of Iniquity working the same thing through every medium including, and especially, the Church. Keep this in mind as you ponder our current events and current history.

Why have so many, both clergy and laity, done a "flip-flop", like you describe with Fr. Luke? At first Fr. Luke was against the union, then he became pro-union. Pro-union in every way. All obstacles were forgotten. Same with Bishop Gabriel. Same with TOO MANY others. Why? Various reasons. Satan uses whatever weakness is particular to a person.

But, one reason is...

Some of our hierarchs are KGB agents that penetrated long ago and gained our trust, pretending to be ROCOR in their hearts. Then when the laity observed change of heart in their trusted leaders, they reasoned that the change must be God-pleasing. The changing of hearts was/is assisted by demons. Actually some of the pro-union arguments can be very persuasive/tricky, unless you are uncommonly objective/alert. And unless you have all the undistorted facts. If someones just simply can not conform (twist) their minds to accept the union whole-heartedly, they are told to "be obedient to your hierarchs", "be humble, don't think you can know better than your hierarchs". The supposed vast numbers of clergy who go along with the union is used as proof of its goodness.

But in reality ROCOR has lost more than 1/3 of its clergy to this issue since it started in 1999, the Lesna Convent, St. Edward's Monastery, Holy Protection in Bluffton, other monasteries, at least a few stray monastics, whole parishes and unnumbered stray laity. One stray nun, Maria, didn't have to leave her convent in Gethsemane, she was expelled and forcibly removed by Bishop Mark for speaking out against the union. So, not everyone has forgotten that we are the Church Militant and that the enemy never sleeps. If you, Father, find yourself unable to remain in the union, Fr. Gregory and I will cover your finances and show you all your options, some you won't expect.

The 3 people who helped you come into Orthodoxy (me, Fr. Gregory, Bp. Ambrose) are all against the union. I'm enclosing writings from each of us (mine is this letter).

I realize you do not want a debate. Neither do I. But I hope you will consider some information and a perspective that I do not believe has been made available to you. First I need to make sure you know that the internet is not necessarily all bad. (The Wall Street Journal is on the internet.) I believe you have only been given pro-union information; or if you were given any anti-union information, it's been filtered through a pro-union prism.

Included in this letter are:

-PUTIN'S ESPIONAGE CHURCH -A chapter on ROCOR from a recent book by an X-KGB agent soon to be published in English.

-WHERE I STAND - (And How I Got Here) - Maxim, a man near your age who is seeking monasticism, tells his story. To understand him better it helps to know that "Annunciation" is the Old Calendar OCA parish. "New Martyrs" is the ROCOR-MP parish. "Fr. Joseph Sunderland" used to be the priest at "New Martyrs". In 2001 Fr. Joseph Sunderland left and took 1/3 of the parish with him. Fr. Joseph's parish is now "St. Joseph's of Petersburg". The replacement priest for New Martyrs, Maxim does not name, but refers to as "the priest". The Fr. Herman that Maxim refers to is the defrocked monk Herman from Platina who now lives in prelest and needs our prayers.

-LETTER OF LESNA SISTERS - Concerning their passage under the jurisdiction of the True Orthodox Church of Russia.

-SIR'S ATTITUDE TOWARDS THE UNION - Synod In Resistance's official statement posted on their website. I've included a list of the titles of the supporting documents, but not the documents themselves. This represents Bp. Ambrose.

-FR. GREGORY'S OPEN LETTER of December 2006. This was emailed to friends and posted on all available Orthodox internet forums.

-HOW DID WE GET HERE? by Dr. Timothy Clader - This was an invited talk, scheduled to be given at 11:00 a.m. on 28/Nov/11 Dec..2003 at the Clergy Conference of the /Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, Nyack, New York. The talk was canceled.


-PROPHESIES ABOUT RUSSIA - A collection that includes the prophecy of the Eldress Agatha.

-INTERVIEW WITH MET. KIRILL showing he knows how to say what is pleasing to us, but in the end he admits unity with the Roman Church is his goal. This he says in word.

-JESUITS DONATE BOOKS TO RUSSIAN ORTHODOX - This article shows Met. Kyrill's same goal, but this time in deed. Met. Kyrill is next in line after Patriarch Alexii II.

-YARMOLINETS ON ASTORIA - An article translated from a Russian Newspaper about Met. Laurus/Bp. Gabriel suing the parish in Astoria. Yarmolinets is the name of the reporter.

-2007 DECEMBER: CRISIS IN HAITI - Reader Nicholas of Haiti gives a first-hand account of ROCOR-MP trying to take their property in Haiti.

-MURDERED CLERGYMEN & MONASTICS - 3 short news clips

-MOSCOW HONOURS MET. SERGIUS - A report of the Church Gazette 15/3/07

-BLACK CLOUD OVER MOSCOW - An essay by a ROCOR deacon, November 2006

-MP IS NOT "MOTHER" - The Nativity Epistle of ROAC Met. Valentin 2003/2004

- THE NORTH AMERICAN SOVIET UNION -An article from "Dumbing Down America" showing the Mystery of Iniquity working to bring about one world government while simultaneously working to bring about one world church.

Now, Father, please let me respond to some points you bring out in your recent letters:

1. You mention a few times the "extremists", "factions", "right-wing". Yes. The right-wing extremists (often called schisms) are the SUPER-CORRECT that Fr. Seraphim told us about. The wording is much changed in his new biography from his old one. However, Fr. Seraphim, at the time was talking about the splintered Greek Church. As he predicted, today, they are numerous and not in communion with each other. This has started to happen in the Russian Church, too.

Considered left-wing extremists were the modernists, renovationists, ecumenists, ie: SCOBA (the "Club", "official" churches). They are all in communion with each other. This club was formed for the purpose of validating themselves.

The MIDDLE PATH, the ROYAL PATH, was always ROCOR. Neither to the right nor to the left. ROCOR always held to the traditions without going overboard. ROCOR never declared that the left-wing was graceless, for example. And ROCOR never condoned modernism, etc. She upheld the Traditions, but always did strive to seek the True Spirit of the Law, rather than the Letter of the Law.

2. You wrote that ROCOR no longer had a valid reason to exist. This is simply not true. Without canon law experts (lawyers) on our side, we didn't know our options. It is quite possible we earned our own right (Bishop Daniel thought so). It is certain we could have canonically continued, which is what ROCOR-PSCA did. I'm aware that ROCOR-MP says ROCOR-PSCA is in schism. But, ROCOR-PSCA is recognized by the 3 other Royal Path Churches (Old Calendar Bulgarians, Old Calendar Romainians, Synod of Resistance in Greece). These are ROCOR's original friends, who recognize ROCOR-PSCA as the continuation of the original ROCOR. All 3 Royal Path Churches are in communion with ROCOR-PSCA.

3. ELDRESS AGATHA'S PROPHECY - When this prophecy is put in the context of a collection of related prophecies, it becomes clear that the True Church hasn't triumphed in Russia, yet. There needs to be a really bad war first, and then a God-given Tzar who will "First of all he will introduce order in the Orthodox Church, removing all the untrue, heretical and lukewarm hierarchs. And many, very many - with few exceptions, all - will be deposed, and new, true, unshakeable hierarchs will take their place." A Super-Correct priest who used to be in ROCOR pointed out that also the baptisms the Eldress spoke of are not taking place. I'm including a Collection Of Prophecies For Russia in this letter - you will see.

Some of the Super-Correct say that the Catacomb Church is still hiding. It's possible, but doubtful. They were effectively eliminated by the KGB. RTOC claims to be the Catacomb Church, but our Bishop Agafangel tells us that the RTOC of today is not the heir of the Catacomb Church. The Lesna Convent made a prior decision long ago to go into the RTOC in the event of the union. I wish they had held off making their decision until after ROCOR-PSCA was an option. But, by leaving ahead of time, they avoided being sued.

4. You sing a familiar song when you say, "Trust your Bishops" That echoes and replays all through ROCOR-MP constantly these days. Anyone who is uncomfortable with the union can just trust their bishops. This is false obedience. False humility. You can't be obedient to disobedience. Their disobedience is to our ROCOR Fathers. This union we have now is not the one our Fathers envisioned.

Father, I DO trust my Bishops. Vladyka Agafangel, Vladyka Andronik, Vladika Sophrony. My Bishops did not fall asleep. They withstood. I love them. I trust them. I hear their voice, and I recognize their voice. These are my true shepherds.

Of the ROCOR-MP bishops I'm ashamed. For what they did to ROCOR. Also that they are suing parishes for not submitting to them. (Oxnard CA, Buena NJ, Astoria NY, ... They even sued the local Greek Church for giving emergency pastoral care to the Oxnard flock.) They threaten to cause trouble in Haiti, but we are hoping they will give up there. This is shameful. Do you recall when I visited you, and at the meal Bishop Gabriel said a word about Fr. Ambrose's leaving? He said true Christian things like, "we hope he finds peace" and "the door is always open for his return". Where is this Christian Charity towards the non-submitting parishes today?

5. About Fr. Luke. My kindred-spirit friend here in Oregon says this:
" Well, yes, how to understand your Fr. Luke Murianka? Except someone that I know, Daniel Olson ( a long time friend and helper of that Fr. Luke) did ask him directly some time ago: 'What do you think about the union, Fr. Luke?'  Fr. Luke said, 'I am against it, but I am too old to go anywhere else'. (i.e. to leave his Jordanville Monastery)..."

I suspect many people flip-flopped for this very reason - they saw the union coming and they talked themselves into believing it's right, rather than suffer the great upset (and loneliness) in their lives it would cause to remain believing otherwise. One indication that this is the case you supply to me in quoting Fr. Luke. He has joined them in their wistful sighings about the "Fatherland." What is this sentimental slop? Fr. Luke is half American. Bp. Gabriel is doing it, too. What gives? He is from Australia. Our first love is supposed to be for Christ and His Kingdom, not "Fatherland".

6. It is also a common misbelief (wishful thinking?) that the MP has repented. The idea that they repented in the 90's and we just didn't publish it, is new to me. Actually, during that time the KGB was adding the newest of the new martyrs to the rolls. If they repented, what? Then did they change their minds in the 21st century? Certainly now we see no evidence of any repentance. We see the opposite. Stalin is praised, Sergius is a hero. There is a push to have him canonized. Even non-Orthodox people can see there is no repentance. (See Putin's Espionage Church, paragraph 4.)

7. The Ecumenical Patriarch's direction towards unity with the Pope disturbs you. Good. You should be disturbed. His push is not going to stop. You know Satan, he may only gain an inch in a whole generation, But then the next generation he gains another inch. This is the Mystery of Iniquity incessantly marching towards the End and the One World Religion of Antichrist. And after the Patriarch Bartholomew dies, he will be replaced by one even more determined, crafty, skilled.

8. Is MP against ecumenism? Or is MP for ecumenism? I think it's both, depending. Both the actions and the words are contradictory. MP insists on being in the WCC in order to represent Orthodoxy, so as to not permit the EP to have a "free rein" on this platform. But, by a mere presence in the WCC, Orthodoxy is offered on the smorgasbord of religion choices. This is degrading to Orthodoxy. Let the EP put his adulterous orthodoxy on the smorgasbord, and let us keep our pure Faith in a more honorable place.

This is an intoduction to a lenghty and extremely scholarly essay on recent history, written in 2005 by a ROCOR priest who joined the Super-Correct. Remember that the Super-Correct are the modern day Pharisees. Christ told us to listen to their words, but not follow their example.

"Liberation or Deception?

"The apparent fall of communism throughout most of the Soviet bloc in 1989-91 raised hopes of a restoration of True Orthodoxy in Russia, which, if they seem na├»ve in retrospect, were nevertheless very real at the time. In retrospect, we can see that the changes introduced by glasnost’ and perestroika were less fundamental than at first appeared, and that the spirit and power of communism was far from dead when the red flag was pulled down from over the Kremlin on December 25, 1991. If some of the economic ideas of the revolution were discredited, its fundamental concepts – the replacement of the Church by the State, God by the people, Tradition by science, Spirit by matter – remained as firmly entrenched as ever.

"Nevertheless, the changes were significant enough to indicate the beginning of a new era. If we seek for historical parallels, then perhaps the closest is that presented by the Edict of Milan in 313, when the Emperor St. Constantine the Great came to an agreement with the pagan emperor Licinius whereby the persecution of the Christians in the Roman empire was brought to an end. The problem for the Christians of the 1990s was: no Constantine was in sight, and what leadership there was squandered the opportunities presented to it.

"Russian Orthodox Christians reacted to these changes in three different ways. The True Orthodox Christians of the Catacomb Church were cautious, fearing a deception, and in general remained in the underground, not seeking to register their communities or acquire above-ground churches in which to worship. The Moscow Patriarchate (MP) – or “Soviet church”, as it was known among True Orthodox Christians - was fearful that its monopoly position in church life under the Soviets would be lost in the new democracy. Nevertheless, it took the opportunity presented by the new legislation to receive all the money budgeted for church restoration by the Russian parliament and open many churches (1830 were opened in the first nine months of 1990 alone). The third force in Russian Orthodox life, the ROCOR, which throughout the Soviet period had taken a public position against the MP and in support of the True Orthodox Church, decided to open parishes on Russian soil and thereby provide an alternative for believers who on the one hand did not want to join the MP, but on the other hand were not prepared for the rigours of catacomb life.

"However, the first question that had to be answered by all sides was: how were the political changes to be evaluated? Was the collective Antichrist really dead? If so, then had the end times, paradoxically, come to an end? Or was this only a temporary “breathing space” in which the Antichrist was preparing a new, subtler, and more deadly onslaught?"

--The rest of this essay gets really detailed. Here tho', this author speaks of the clergyless Catacomb faithful. Many of them have found parishes of ROCOR-PSCA which has a strong and rapidly growing presence in Russia. But many of them, I suspect, are like my aged Russian Matushka friend, who lives far from any church she is willing to attend. She will not set foot in an MP church, and even fears someone might have her commemorated in an MP church. These are the people I feel we have failed. Before the union we had at least a mystical connection with the Catacomb Faithful who keep the True Church in their hearts.

In this packet is just the tip of the iceberg, and not even the worst of it. The worst is too hard to believe all at once, the pieces of evidence have to come in one at a time. Or else because of overload, it appears absurd like a product of a wild imagination or paranoia. Some of the "flip-flops" for example are extremely suspicious. However, many of the lies have been exposed: the lie that MP is "Mother", the lie that ROCOR would remain self-governing, the lie that ROCOR no longer had a right to exist, the lie that communism is over, the cover-up of Blessed Philaret and rewriting of St. John M., and as my kindred-spirit Oregon friend summarized:

"...So, I believe with you, that a main SIGN that this union was very very wrong & downright IMMORAL, is exactly HOW it was forced upon us....by many many deceptions/lies of all degrees/misinformation./threats & removal from positions of any opponents, etc & ...done, shall we say, 'in the dark, by night', etc.. A bishop to rule by deceit/force/lies/threats? I think not! So, to me, one of the greatest proofs that this union is very very wrong, is....the WAY IT WAS FORCED UPON US!"

Love in Christ, Joanna

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