Comments on Letter To A Godson

I read with interest this latest, expanded version. A couple of comments. The list of monasteries & convents is actually longer: St. Edward's in England; Holy Protection in Bluffton AB; the Moss Beach convent (rumor has it they are moving toward fleeing the crumbling ROCIe for Vl. Andronik's omophorion). I have accepted the task of editing & preparing for publication (paid, in the interest of full disclosure!) the book to which Joanna refers ("Espionage Church", now titled "KGB/FSB's New Trojan Horse"). Basic editing is now complete, and it is likely the book will be ready to go to press not too long after Pascha.

I have a vested interest here: Fr. Joseph came to Orthodoxy in my parish, and I would have baptized him myself had I not been critically ill with malaria when the time came (lamentably, I was neither asked for, nor gave my blessing, for him to be baptized, as he was, at the Resaca monastery, now in the JP). I encouraged him to go to Holy Cross (wish I had had more foresight!), though not without misgivings. It just seemed the only possible door at the time.

I have no recollection of telling him that his help wasn't needed in Haiti -- heaven knows I, and the Church there, need some! Realistically, however, he was not linguistically equipped for the task -- either French or Creole is essential.

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