Letter from V. Aga to RTOC

July 15, 2007

A Letter of ROCOR Bishop Agafangel to RTOC archbishop Tikhon

A Letter to Archbishop Tikhon, Hierarch of the RTOC

Your Holiness!

            In recent days, much attention has been paid to the question of the interrelation between ROCOR and the RTOC. I believe, as many others do, that we should expend maximum effort to determine a possible and acceptable solution to the circumstances in which we find ourselves today.

            Since we, at our Conference in New York, in July of this year, accepted a basis for the possible union or rapprochement of the parts or “fragments” of the former ROCOR, in essence a desire to return to those days when we existed as one and were in full agreement, and in an attempt to achieve unity on this basis, I propose the following in this letter:

            To reestablish the Bishops’ Council of Russian Hierarchs in the form in which this Council was founded and functioned lawfully. The Council Chairman will be a member of the ROCOR Bishops’ Synod, as was the case with Archbishop Lazarus. As to those bishops and parishes within the jurisdiction of the Council, and who find themselves canonically within the structure of ROCOR, they will retain their legal affiliation to the RTOC (a form of autonomy within the ROCOR structure).

            As regards to all other matters, and for the sake of achieving unity, we should return to the methods practiced in ROCOR when we are all one. Later, all future matters concerning our existence will be considered jointly at Bishops’ or All-Diaspora Councils.

            At this time, in regard to our interrelation, the return to the methods of the lawful Bishops’ Council of Russian Hierarchs seems to me to be the only possible solution to our disagreements.

Hoping for our mutual understanding,
Your sincere supplicant in Christ,

Bishop Agafangel of Taurida and Odessa
Chairman of the ROCOR PSCA

July 15/28, 2007, Odessa
Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Great Prince St. Vladimir
Enlightener of the Russian People

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