On Our Division ~ Bishop Agafangel


On our division

Regarding the division which occurred in our Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, I would like to provide a brief clarification on the nature of the transpired event.

The current division occurred solely on matters of faith.

Our disagreements began several years before the removal of Metropolitan Vitaly from his office and became irreversible after his departure. Unfortunately, from then on the violation of the principle of catholicity (principle of sobornost) in our community began in earnest, and with time, increased further.
The Synod began making decisions, which did not reflect the conciliar opinion of the entire Church. One of these decisions, for example, was the cessation of communion (in order to please the Moscow Patriarchate) with the Old-Calendarist Churches. Since that matter was not even raised at the Councils, I never considered this a legitimate Synodal decision.
Similarly, in opposition to the conciliar opinion of the Church, our Synod decided to join the MP, which continues to uphold the heresies of sergianism and ecumenism. This was not approved either at the Pastoral Conference (at which about 150 members of our clergy were gathered), nor at the All-Diaspora Council, nor at the Bishops’ Council. In addition, the numerous protests by clergy and laypeople were also ignored. Our Synod took such an important decision in opposition to the conciliar opinion of ROCOR , having beforehand, carefully hidden their intentions from the flock and making, from time to time, false official statements.

In other words, we witnessed a violation of one of the fundamental dogmas of the Church – its catholicity. That is why I do not see a future for those who joined the MP, and consider the restoration of the canonical order of the ecclesiastical body of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad to be a matter of the utmost importance. That is why our path – the path of those who desire to remain in the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad - is the path towards the Vth All-Diaspora Council, which would adopt measures which would defend the dogma of the Church from attempts to distort it.

+ Bishop Agafangel
Odessa, 16/29.05.2007.
The Third Day of The Feast of The Holy Trinity.


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