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Unionite reveals true self on Yahoo Group forum


May 30 2007
Re: One more reason why ROCOR should not be in SCOBA?

>In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, michael nikitin
> wrote:
> Metr.Laurus joined his "Mother Church" and everyone that follows
> him are now one with the MP. Wherever Metr. Laurus serves,
> Patr.Alexey II will be commemorated first. There is no other
> choice. There is no difference if one commemorates Metr.Laurus or
> Patr.Alexey II, they are one.
> Those that commemorate Metr. Laurus and not Patr.Alexey II are
> not being honest with themselves. ROCOR is one with MP, they are
> inseperable now. Whoever the MP is in communon with, those in
> ROCOR under Metr. Laurus are also. We see those in
> ROCOR(L)flagrantly concelebrating with the Antichans, Copts, EP
> and OCA.
> Those in ROCOR(L) now fall under their own Anathema of 1983
> and they also fall under the anathemas of our Ecumenical Councils
> which they disregard against the Monophysite heresy and
> Monothelite heresy, that the Copts and Antiochans have never
> repented of.
> Making up for lost time. Canons...what canons?
> Patr.Alexey II should leave WCC, ecumenism, repent of Sergianism,
> and become a simple monk in a Monastery somewhere
> for the good of the Church instead of tearing it apart by causing
> schisms with the help of Metr.Laurus.
> Michael N

Hey, "Mike" -- 
High tiem for you to shut up.  No one cares about your uninformed
opinions.  You failed in your efforts to ransack the holy process of
unification, you failed in your devil-inspired efforts to discourage
brotherly love among Orthodox.  Crawl back into your hole and leave us
alone now.

I saw the Patriarch with my own eyes, on 5 distinct occasions.  You
have no right to offer suggestions as to what he should do.  He is
doing God's work.  Your efforts belong to someone else.  Go away now.
 We are tired of your amti-Christian attitudes.  Find a monsatery and
YOU take up monasticism.  Maybe the scales will fall from your eyes
and you will learn that we Christians are better off loving one
another than not.

Wishing your peace in your life,
Elizabeth Ledkovsky

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