Fr. Nikita Grigoriev fired

Fr. Nikita Grigoriev fired from Jordanville seminary teaching staff because his thinking is not in line with Met. Laurus


Blessed are the persecuted for righteousness' sake: Thou teh have tsarstvie nebesnoe!
Meanness traitors ROCOR has no boundaries!

Bozhiy most honest Priest - Priest Nikita Grigoriev - Professor of Apologetics, who prepared for the long 23 years of teaching at the Seminary in Jordanville, a galaxy of ROCOR clergy, today, on May 2, new style, was fired from his job for his personal opinion, not appropriate the rate of Metropolitan Laurus, the ROCOR sent the attachment to the canonical Orthodox Church and obedience to split Sergians ecumenical Patriarchate.

It is expected that the site is about. Nikita next semester will take a teacher, sent from St. Petersburg Theological Seminary MP.

Lord, help me, save me, and have mercy on your servant iereya Nikita! tml # cutid1

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