Appeal of Remaining Bishops

Appeal of the Remaining faithful to God, Orthodox Bishops to the God loving Flock of the ROCOR

Appeal of His Grace Daniel, Bishop of Eerie.
                       5 May 2007,
                 I, Bishop Daniel of Eerie, will not sign the Act of union with the Moscow Patriarchate.
                 I remain a member of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia and the others may
                 arrange their future as they see fit.
                 Daniel, Bishop of Eerie.

Appeal of His Grace Agafangel, Bishop of Crimea and Odesa.
    As a consequence of the integration of part of ROCOR on the recent feast of Holy Ascension including the current First Hierarch and members of the Synod into the structure of the Moscow Patriarchate, I must inform my flock as well as all the faithful children of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia of the following:
      Because the long awaited repentance of the Moscow Patriarchate in the sins of Sergianism and Ecumenism to this very day has not occurred I find it premature the establishment between our churches Eucharistic and Administrative union. I also find it unacceptable the rejection by ROCOR of its spiritual inheritance which, according to my own personal conviction, will be impossible to secure in its fullness under the terms outlined in the Act of Canonical Union.
      For this reason I remain faithful to the original stance of ROCOR-until the complete resolution of the obstacles for our entire Church. I continue to consider for myself the directives and all other examples of Church authority by the Moscow Patriarchate to be without canonical basis.
      Bishop Agafangel
                        Odessa 4/17 May 2007
       Ascension of Our Lord

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