Revniteli Society appeal


We ROCOR parishioners at the Revniteli Society of the
Memory of Blessed Metropolitan Anthony Khrapovitsky
are preparing for the eventuality of a split of the
canonic ROCOR from a non-canonic one, upon its
anticipated merger with the non-canonic MP.

To that purpose, our society has published @ and @ an appeal to the
parishes that are not willing to remain in a church
joined to the MP. That eventuality is now particularly
strong, since the MP's Act of 'Canonical' Communion
has been returned to ROCOR, where it is expected that
it will be signed, contrary to the ROCOR's own Sobor's

The signers of the 'Appeal' are all ROCOR parishioners
and are on the Board of Officers of the Executive
Committee of the society. The signers are as follows:

1. Eugene L. Magerovsky, Ph.D.
2. Tatiana A. Rodzianko, Ph.D.
3. Professor Oleg M. Rodzianko
4. Mrs. Nadia N. Herbst
5. Mrs. Tatiana N. Rusiecki
6. Mrs. Anna N. Christoff
7. Mr. Dimitri B. Gontscharow
8. Matushka Irina Dutikow
9. Mr. Peter N. Koltypin-Wallovskoy

We ask that you pay close attention to all the
decisions made by the Synod. If the Synod acts in a
way that is unacceptable to you, please send a letter
to us @ or @ stating your desire
to keep alive the traditions of the Church Abroad,
exemplified by the blessed hierarchs Metropolitans
Anthony, Anastassiy, Philaret and Vitaliy.

Dr. E.L. Magerovsky (ROCOR)

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