The Kiss of Judas


Please hear this, Eugenia Richard

For we cannot remain with the Savior in His narrow ways.  He expelled the money changers from the temple.  He has expelled those who have desired gold-plated toilets and  have therefore sold the Redeemer of mankind.  He has expelled those proud of mind from their warm thrones in San Francisco and Washington, D.C.  He was abandoned and betrayed by those in Germany who, like Herod, sought to slay the 14,000 innocents, to ensure their security on their thrones of power.  If we are with Metropolitan Philaret, who still awaits glorification, and we have not recognized him; if we are still with those who will sing the praises to Archbishop Averky, who forewarned us of the careerists in our midst; if we are still with our reposed Hierarchs of blessed memory who so adamantly persuaded us of the evils of the church of infamous Sergius and all his evil followers who enslaved Truth to atheism; if we still do not see the evil takeover of our church, then WE ARE TOTALLY BLIND.  If we accept this new course, which annihilates everything we ever stood for – the preservation of the remnants of Orthodox TRUTH, yet we wish to remain moderate, lukewarm, and open for dialogue with EVIL, then we should join Judas, and find ourselves the nearest tree.

But, if we will stand with the Mother of God by the Cross, with St. John the Theologian; we will know, that our Christ is about to be crucified again.
Let us finally make our brave choice.  Let us speak up this time in support of Our Savior. Let us not be cowardly because we relish the properties and physical temples where we serve.  Let us stand up for OUR GOD, WHO THIS WEEK WALKS KNOWINGLY TOWARD HIS CRUCIFIXION FOR THE SALVATION OF MANKIND!  What a wonderful calling, what a  heavenly crown!  Let us resolve to stand by that cross and not let Him  be abandoned again – NOT BY US – because the evil voices are so loud – because those brethren who we imagined to walk our path have chosen another!  Let us resist the evil of Herod!  Let us resist the evil of Pontius Pilate.  On Great and Holy Thursday, let us weep as we hear the sufferings of Our Lord, and let us suffer with Him.  Let us be renewed in our commitment to Him, in His loneliness, in His Love for us, that let Him be led to a painful and humiliating Death on the Cross.  Let us join Him, for that is the only purpose of our lives.

Or let us have the courage to join Judas and admit that we are in his company and betray our Lord for earthly gain. We can’t have it both ways.

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