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By Konstantin Preobrazhensky 
Dear Euphrosynos Cafe' Members, 

- I, Konstantin Preobrazensky, a former KGB Lieutenant-Colonel, 
am concerned that the forthcoming union of the Russian Orthodox 
Church Outside Of Russia (ROCOR) with the Moscow Patriarchy 
of the Russian Orthodox Church (MP/ROC) will enhance Russian 
espionage in the USA. It is well known that members of the 
Moscow Patriarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church have always 
been pawns for KGB intelligence. My fear is that soon 
the ROCOR Church may become "SPY CHURCH." 

- The MP under the Soviets has been "rendering everything unto 
Caesar," mingling secular with religious interests. Religion, 
once fatuously declared to be "the opium of the people," 
has now become a legalized drug, administered under the 
watchful eyes of Russia’s security elite – known collectively as 
"siloviki", "the powerful ones." I call them "SPY CHURCH." 

- ROCOR is the Church of Imperial Russia. It was brought here by 
White Russian refugees after the Communist revolution in 1917 
and has always been a harsh critic of the Communist regime. 
It still ministers to millions of devout Russians living abroad. 
The Kremlin intends to put them under its control by merging 
the ROCOR with the Moscow Patriarchy, which really is a church 
created in 1943 by Comrade Joseph Stalin. That is why the 
ROCOR may soon be operating as "SPY CHURCH." 

- If this goal is realized, the church buildings of ROCOR will 
become Russian State property. Hundreds of Kremlin- 
dominated outposts will appear in the United States and 
other Western countries. No matter how our relations evolve 
in the future, these churches will serve as insidious fronts 
for Russian state interests. Parishes in the ROCOR will soon 
become listening posts for Putin and the KGB/FSB if the 
ROCOR/MP union takes place. I fear that ROCOR church 
buildings and properties could soon become operation satellites 
for "SPY CHURCH." 

- Furthermore, attempts to monitor their activities by our 
own American government will be stymied by cynical claims to 
religious freedom, actually a license to steal property and to spy. 
Thus "religious freedom" would be granted to ROCOR churches 
untited with the Moscow Patriarchy operating as "SPY CHURCH." 

- While our U.S. Government does not tend to interfere in 
religious issues, the Russian government does! In order to 
correct this misperception, we must assert that there is a 
clear and present danger that the unification of ROCOR with the 
Moscow Patriarchy represents to America.  This MP-ROCOR union 
will further Russian espionage and will embed thousands of 
Russian state agents into American communities forever.  I do 
not think that American neigborhoods want a ROCOR church on 
their street corners that is "ministering" as "SPY CHURCH." 

- I pray and encourage all of you to join with my 
efforts to prevent this frightening situation from 
occuring. If we do not do not work together then 
it will be to late - for ROCOR will become "SPY CHURCH." 

Konstantin G. Preobrazhensky, 
Former KGB Lieutenant Colonel 

[Konstantin Preobrazhensky currently resides in Washington DC 
and is a parishioner of the ROCOR St John The Baptist Cathedral.]

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