"and a little german shall lead them.."

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Nathaniel: "Hello former KGB Preobrazhenksy." "Hello Dr. Magerovsky 
of ROCOR." "Hello Subdeacon Nathaniel." Below is a 3 way telephone 
conversation between us: 


Nathaniel: "There is concern amongst the faithful that Abp Mark of 
Berlin is leading the entire ROCOR into the abyss of the MP 
Sergianist Pit. What's the story on Abp Mark anyways?" 

Dr. Magerovsky: "In the year 2000 Abp Mark became the President of 
the Committee on the Unity of the Russian Church. In 2003 he became 
the President of the Commission on talks with the Moscow Patriarchy." 

K. Preobrazhensky: "Everybody in ROCOR knows that Mark is the 
driving force behind the pending MP-ROCOR union and has been since 
the early nineties." 

Dr Magerovsky: "We know it was no later than 1993 - that's when Mark 
con celebrated with an MP bishop for the first time." 

Nathaniel: "The official biography of Abp Mark states that he is of 
German extraction. Is there resentment among the Anti MP faithful 
towards Abp Mark in that he being a German is leading the Russian 
emigre' Church into something they are very much against?" 

Dr. Magerovsky: "I wouldn't call it resentment. Maybe being insulted 
is a better word." 

K. Preobrazhensky: "I agree. What's more, Mark knows little about 
how the Russian people think. A German is very different than a 

Nathaniel: "Let's explore this a bit. I recall in Dostoevsky's "The 
Gambler" a chapter dedicated to the national characteristics of 
various ethnic groups. I can attest to this being Jewish. For 
instance, a Jew can laugh at himself quite easily. A Russian would 
finds this almost impossible. Am I right?" 

Dr Magerovsky: "Yes that's true. In the case of Mark of Berlin, the 
way he approaches issues, his outlook on life and his understanding 
of Russian history is not Russian at all but rather typically 
German. Everything is clearly defined for him and it all rests in an 
orderly and well-developed theoretical structure, without any 
relation to reality." 

Nathaniel: "How is the Russian different form this 'theoretical' 
approach to things?" 

Mr. K. Preobrazhensky: "The Russian is methodical sure enough. But 
the Russian operates from a completely different motivation, that 
is, he sees himself in the context of his entire surroundings 
including the world society. That gives the Russian a broader 
approach to life." 

Nathaniel: "And how does that apply to the anti MP Russian?" 

Dr Magerovsky: "The anti-MP Russian sees the whole picture. He first 
sees the historical context of the Church reaching as far back as 
the Apostles. He understands Russian history and the Russian Church 
in that history. Most importantly, the anti-MP Russian knows better 
than anyone all the stratagems of the Soviet System and how it has 
insinuated itself into the church called the MP. Unfortunately, Abp 
Mark is far away from even coming close to understanding this." 

Nathaniel: "I don't really want to get into this now too much but I 
heard that Abp Mark may be a KGB agent." 

K. Preobrazhensky: "In 1979 the KGB arrested Abp Mark when he was a 
ROCOR layman named Mark Arndt. He was arrested at Leningrad airport 
for smuggling anti-Soviet material and then released. Some Russian 
emigres today might ask: ‘What if the KGB only frightened Mark and 
then simply let him go?'" As a former KGB officer,this could not 
have happened. A deal must have been struck. My opinion is that 
since 1979, Abp Mark has been operating under a code name." 

Nathaniel: "I got involved recently in investigating the MP 
property takeovers of two ROCOR monasteries in the Holy Land. I 
learned that Abp Mark was behind the whole thing. What can either of 
you tell me about this?" 

Dr Magerovsky: "It's true. In July 1997, the Palestinians seized 
control of the ROCOR’s monastery in Hebron, Israel. Abp Mark 
headed up the ROCOR’s commission to investigate. He placed all the 
blame on Abbess Juliana who had canonically refused to allow 
Patriarch Alexis into the monastery. First he put two known KGB 
agents dressed in black robes into the monastery and secured Abbess 
Juliana's expulsion and all the ROCOR’s anti Soviet clerics from the 
Holy Land. Then he forced Vitaly to make an apology to Yasser 

Nathaniel: "Was the MP working behind the scenes?" 

Dr Magerovsky: "Yes indeed. It turned out that earlier in the year 
Archbishop Mark had had a secret meeting with Patriarch Alexy. And 
the Hebron newspaper El Mascobbiyeh reported that since February, 
1997 the monastery had secretly been transferred to the MP through 
the head of the MP Russian ecclesiastical mission in Jerusalem, 
Vasily Vasnev." 

Nathaniel: "Another issue. In recent conversations with some of my 
contacts abroad, I was told that there is a possibility that Abp 
Mark is a practicing homosexual. Of course this is all heresay and I 
don't put much stock in it. Do either of you know anything about 
this with regard to Abp Mark?" 

K. & Dr. M: "No." 

K. Preobrazhensky: "Let me say something here. The KGB will dig up 
whatever factual dirt regarding sexual immoralities they can find on 
their prey. Then they work out a deal or solidify a deal." 

Nathnaniel: "I had heard that Abp Mark a former Lutheran was never 
bapitzed into the Church. Is this true?" 

Dr Magerovsky: "The practice at that time was to apply myrhh to the 

Nathaniel: "In closing, I would like to ask the good Dr. for a 
parting comment and we'll wrap this up." 

Dr Magerovsky: "Somehow and for some reason, Abp Mark 
was converted to Orthodoxy, but he was unable, clearly, to 
shed his Germano-Soviet background. Actually, it would have 
been far better if he remained a good German and did not meddle 
in Russian affairs. 
Especially, as his involvement in ROCOR-MP matters can be called "episodic." 
If it was not for his meddling in Russian affairs, 
with which he is quite frankly not that familiar,I would not give 
all of this any more thought and would simply move on. But as 
they say, "where there is smoke, there is fire." 

For the Holy New Martyrs of Russia, 

ROAC Subdeacon Nathaniel Kapner 
The Eleveth Hour 
October 19/November 1, 2005 
The Commemoration of the Holy New Martyrs of Russia

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