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Some opinion from Russia
Wed Dec 31, 2003
poster: "goossir", Irina Pahlen

Dear list,
     Today I had a very interesting conversation with one of my best friends in Russia.  I told her about my sorrow and shame regarding the betrayal of the ROCOR. Her answer was: 

in Russia, people are so lost and miserable that the church (the MP) is a refuge. They do not understand the difference between duxhovnost and dushevnost.  This kind of knowledge needs some spiritual education and instinct.

Eighty years of godlessness killed their instinct.  They have been deceived in everything.  The only thing they want is to cling to something tangible. Now they can go to churches, pray and believe without fear.  They do not care that the patriarch and his bishops are corrupted.  They want a church and they have it. 

They are so relieved to have something to worship that they think does not
belong to this materialistic world, to politics, etc.  Moreover, they are convinced that this church (MP) is a protection against the garbage coming from the west.

     My answer was: yes, I understand but this is why I am so devastated. The MP never renounced its errors truly and sincerely in an orthodox way. So it was the ROCOR's duty (dolg') to be the lighthouse of the Truth and show the way. She could not compromise (they call this "engaging in a dialogue") with a pseudo-church, which at one point decided with the secular power (communist) which
churches can be destroyed and which saved - can you imagine the apostles making such deals with the Roman emperors? (someone knowledgeable whispered this to me).  
     Saul of Tarse, the persecutor of Christians, showed the example on his way to Damas, when he fell from his horse and became St Paul, the Apostle. No lengthy, complicated, contradictory discussions are needed. Metanoia is turning your back completely and be reborn again.  To this, my friend replied: 

Unfortunately, no one is strong enough nowadays.  We live in world with no spirituality, a world of decadence – we are nearing the end of times.  People are contaminated and strong statements frighten them.  So they prefer something that do not disturb them too much. In other words, a bad, weak, human church is better than the True One who is too (in their eyes) demanding.

     I do hope that those who wanted to change subject will not be too
much offended (or bored) by this mail. Please forgive me if you are.
     In Christ
PS: It is midnight (Brussels time) and everywhere the firecrackers
are sparkling – I wish you all a very good new year 2004.

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