St. John would never agree to this RocorMP union

Translated by G. Spruksts from the Russian text published in, 22 November 2003 of "Nasha Strana - The Russian Monarchist Weekly" 
("Following the fall of bolshevism, only a Tsar will save Russia from new party enslavement.") 


In their fanatical striving to convince their flock of the necessity for uniting with Moscow, Bishop Kyrill of San Francisco and Protopriest Peter Perekrestov have embarked upon a course of absolute sacrilege. They claim that such a union is justified by Saint Ioann Maksimovitch (John Maximovitch) and even that their own volte-face today can be credited to the Saintly hierarch of Shanghai! 

In actual fact, however, one cannot discover the slightest hint at the permissibility of collaboration with the Moscow Patriarchate in even a single sentence of all that has been written by St. Ioann. He was – as are we all – for the merging-together of the believers in Russia and Abroad into a single entity, but this was in no way to be achieved by means of compromise with a Patriarchate headed by KGB collaborators! And even had he spoken of uniting, still, nowhere [in his writings] can one find any indication that it must, of necessity, occur in December 2003 or, let us say, in January 2004! 

Why is it, we might ask, that these collaborators – who only yesterday stigmatized the Patriarchate for [its] sergianism and ecumenism – are suddenly in such a rush? They race along at breakneck speed, gritting their teeth, hurry, hurry, – give us union this very day! Is it not out of a desire to catch both clergy and flock unawares? To set a fait-accompli before them? 

One gets the impression that someone is relentlessly pushing the collaborators, that someone is putting pressure upon them. That someone is "using the archpastors in order to achieve one's one political aims," as the 14 priests wrote in their appeal. But, who? Most likely, it would seem that it is the KGB – today's FSB. 

First of all, in an interview [given to] "Blagovestnik" – the same issue in which Ioann of Shanghai was posthumously numbered among the Red saints – Bishop Kyrill concedes that the initiative for the meeting between Metropolitan Lavr and Putin came from a certain Archimandrite Tikhon. The hierarch diffidently omits the mention of his surname, of course,... and the reason for this is clear: Tikhon Shevkunov is notorious in Russia as "the Archimandrite from Lubianka", the most prominent KGB operative in the ecclesiastical sphere. 

And as for Putin himself, everyone knows which government sector he was hatched from. And he transferred a significant part of the Kremlin's powers to the special services [division], in order to control the country with a rod of iron. He removed the robber Khodorkovsky not for his predations but with the aim of consolidating his own personal authority. Fifty percent of the RF's income stems from oil revenues, after all. So, there was no way that he [Putin] could allow them to be in someone else's hands! 

Everything is quite tight and tidy between Putin and the leadership of the Moscow Patriarchate – men from his own department. But then there is the Church Abroad – an eyesore, if ever there was one. It, too, has to be taken in hand. By what means? Well, in that department the agents of the NKVD-KGB-FSB are past masters! Had they not found the means to turn General Skoblin of the White Army into a traitor? They had. They had discovered the way to access his weaknesses. There are some people who can be bought, while others can be successfully blackmailed: capture, let us say, something indecent on film, and then threaten them. 

But even if none of the collaborators have been "hooked" by the KGB (which is extremely difficult to believe) but, rather, have turned Red, "ideologically speaking," they nevertheless are acting dishonestly: let them depart [into the MP] themselves, if they wish, but they also attempt to turn over others, those not of like mind with them, to the chekists! 

Those fighting for the immediacy of concessions [to the MP] are doing a deed most foul. They know that if they persist in what they are doing, there will be a schism – and a schism would also benefit the KGB... 

So let them all – all those bishops who are repenting before secret collaborators and all the various Turncoat protopriests – also know that their names will go down in history as the names of traitors. 

• • •

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