Fr. Herman Podmoshensky was in the MP

CSB is Christ the Savior Brotherhood used to be called the Holy Order of MANS.  HOOM was a cult with a dozen or so "communities" in the USA which converted to Orthodoxy via Platina and Fr. Herman, who had taken refuge under the omophorion of the vigante pervert Greek Pangratios.  

Prior to going with Fr. Herman, the HOOM had asked to come into the ROCOR.  The ROCOR wisely insisted that they come into the Church as individuals, and not as established communities.  They were unwilling to give up their past, which they believed had led them to the threshold of the Church, and some actually believed they had some destiny to bring something of their past into the Church.  This resulted in malformed incomplete conversions.  Most of the communities today are in the OCA.  None of the x-HOOM communities are in a true (Royal Path) jurisdiction today, but some individuals have found their way.

December 17, 1999
Dear Friends,

Vladyka Bless! Batiushka Bless! 

Glory to Jesus Christ!  Glory Forever! 

I am a former member of the "Archdiocese of Vasiloupolis".  I was only a parishioner, never a member of the CSB. 

About six months ago, the "Archdiocese" changed its name from "The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Vasiloupolis" to "The Holy Orthodox Missionary Archdiocese of America" Then three months later my then pastor started to commemorate Archbishop Maximos of Athens and all Greece and Metropolitan Pangratios of America during the ectinas.

I also saw copies of the episcopal documents sent by Metropoltan PANGRATIOS and Bishop MICHAEL-PANGRATIOS who is the diocesean chancellor in Nebraska regarding the supposed union of the Jurisdictions.  A videotape and copies of the original Greek documents were supposed to appear but they never surfaced. 

I felt that "Vasiloupolis" was very scrutinizing of its members.  When I inquired about the History of the Diocese/Order, I got a (sometimes in my opinion a nervous) vague answer, avoided, or an "it is unedifying". 

Everyone had a different twist on things as well.  Also, I was told not to put absolute trust in bishops. 

As the church I attended had a bookstore, I would say 70% of the books carried were published by the Saint Herman of Alaska Brotherhood.  A lot are very good, but some have areas I have come to disagree with. 

Some FACTS... 
Fr. Herman was awarded the Gold Pectoral Cross by Patriarch ALEXII II for the Russky Palomnik and other missionary endeavors in Russia.  Yes, He did concelebrate with the Patriarch. 

In Nov. 1991 several CSB priests attended a Patriarchal Liturgy with PANGRATIOS at an OCA Cathedral in New York City.  They also received from the Patriarch but did not serve in the Altar. 

PANGRATIOS also goes almost yearly to Jerusalem and the Holy Land.  In May 1990 he presented his ecclesiastical documents to the Patriarch and his synod, who after debate declared them valid.  He received and official episcopal welcome after that in Holy Places.  He definitely did serve with the Patriarch as I have seen a video taken of that from a CSB member who went along and filmed the event. 

I would appreciate it if you could help me in my endeavor to True Orthodoxy.  I am now living in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.

It is with great joy as well as great sadness that I, unworthy as I am, make this move. 

In Christ,
A Humble Sinner 

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