Symeon Salos tagged as an agent provocateur

Note from Joanna 12Dec2016:
     Wow! Symeon Salos (Milan synod) was showing agent provocateur symptoms back in 1999.
     This is a conversation about the fiasco at Blanco.  It is difficult to understand coming into the conversation at this point.  So I have "colored coded" the different commentators.

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 Fri Oct 29, 1999
Looney Gooney Mooney is tagged as an agent provocateur

In a message dated 10/29/99 12:30:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
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Hopefully, the Church will also re-teach us about where our treasures are buried (in Christ & His Church or in the false security of civil authority). And tell us how to proceed if anyone of us suspect any kind of abuse between Orthodox Christians.  Let us not hide sin but let us also not expose those who are allegedly sinners under Church Authority has judged them first.
-- frsymeon
     [Vova's reply]: Nonsense Father, the Church has never had that
responsibility, and even during the golden eras of Byzantium and, for that
matter, Holy Rus, violators ot the common weal and public trust were put to
death by Orthodox sovereigns in a most painful manner. Forgiveness in a
Christian sense does not mean condoning, or even forgoing punishment or not
excising the cancer from the body politic.
9.)But even if "these guys" are nutty as they come, and use to sacrifice children, naked in the moon light, it doesn't hurt to act like Christians towards them, does it?
-- Deacon John Whiteford
[Vova's reply]: (To 9. - Yes it does). Father Deacon John, if I thought for a minute
that you believed this nonsense, I would be concerned. Fortunately, I don't.
For a mailing list which tends to get out the e-mail equivalent of the stake
whenever Catholics appear or whenever the word "ecumenical" is mentioned, to
say nothing of the MP bogeyman, I find the outpouring of implied support and
misguided and misplaced Christian love for child abusers and pseudoclergy to
be downright baffling. If makes me wonder if there is not some hidden agenda
     I have also heard several clergy rise to the passionate defense of the
ordination of these persons. Sorry that you do not like my observations, but
whether it was Vladyka Hilarion - whom I personally respect tremendously --
or not, it was a mistake. Consecration of a bishop imparts the next link in
the apostolic succession. It does not impart perfection, and bishops have
been making mistakes for almost 2000 years.
     In Christ
Vova Hindrichs

10.)For anyone guilty we pray for their repentance: for anyone wrongly
accused we pray for their steadfastness. We always pray for fallen sinners,
and never rejoice at their downfall. 
--Mr. Joseph Miller
Regardless of our "political" position on this or any issue we must remember that the Love of Christ is our orienting experience by which we must approach all things.  
-- frsymeon
[Vova's reply]: Yes, but forgiveness does not stand in the way of punishment or
elimination of a cancer from the body.

11.) I received a call from a man (who I knew previously, and who is a
lawyer) in 1998 [...] and asked how to get in touch with the mother of the
boy in question. During the course of that conversation, he stated that he
was working for unnamed clients, who had unspecified grievances with the
monastery. He also said that the reason he wanted to get in touch with this
woman was that he wanted "to find out why she took her son out of that
monastery." This doesn't prove that the charges are false, but it does
raise the question of whether the charges were the result of a victim in
search of justice, or simply a lawyer in search of a victim (. . .).
-Deacon John Whiteford
I still wonder about this Fr. John. Because I have heard that the money to be obtained from the civil suite is the real booty in all of this and that there is a ROCOR priest in the background on the plaintiffs side expecting his parish to be a hidden beneficiary so to be able to construct their new temple! It is not my intent to spread rumors. I was told this by someone I trust; I will not stand behind his unknown source however.  The unfortunate and equally unedifying fact is that is "wrinkle" on the Blanco episode is as believable as this thread has been.
[Vova's reply]:   (speaking to Mooney sarcastically) I love it! (You say, and I paraphrase:) 'Let's not rumor-monger, unless we are priests and unless we can stir up some more excrement! And then cleverly deny it so that we can still hide behind the mantle of Christian love.'   What a pathetic response.  And then neatly dumping it into the lap of the synod. I do not know you,
Father, but in my previous profession we would call actions like this those
of agents provocateurs.  And I don't care who ordained you; I stand behind that comment.

May the Myrrh-streaming Icon of the Theotokos of New Sarov be the monk's saving grace! And May God help us all!
[Vova's reply]:  I agree with that last statement, but St. John warned us of false
prophets and manifestations. Perhaps the Church needs to open its eyes when
it comes to the plethora of myrrh-streaming icons in the hands of less than
'chestnyj' representatives of the church. . .
-- Vova

The least in our Lord's Service,
Father Hierodeacon Symeon

Syracuse, NY

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